Meat Man’s Holiday

7 years ago I took a trip with a girl I was dating to England and Scotland. We fell in love with the pubs, great beer, and shockingly agreeable weather. At the time we were still in college, mostly drunk, and not nearly as interested in all the awesome butcher shops and meat markets as we should have been.  
Almost two years back said girl and myself got married; which has been completely awesome – she’s great, and supremely supporting for someone finding herself forced into the periphery of the butchery game.  We’ve both been saying for years that we have to get back there – given our shared love of River Cottage and English culture in general is a tragedy it’s taken us as long as it has. Why am I telling you this?  Well, work schedules have finally aligned and one month hence we’re off on a well-deserved honeymoon to the UK

My plan for this “definitely not work related” vacation is to “definitely not spend my time dragging my long suffering wife from butcher shop to butcher shop” in this mecca of old school meat shops. Now, Google Analytics tells me that my second largest readership contingent (so like, 12 of you) is from the UK and I’m guessing you intelligent, beautiful readers might have some inside knowledge about the butchery scene across the pond.  I’m on the lookout for any and all recommendations for butcher shops that I should “happen to wander across” when we’re there.  We’re flying into London and out of Edinburgh with the majority of our time spent in Dorset and Devon – time which will include dinner and a meat course at River Cottage!!! 

So if you know of a can’t miss butcher shop that we, well, can’t miss, shoot me a line at or leave a comment.  I’ll happily repay you in the form of delicious ale. In any event, expect lots of pictures come the beginning of September.  

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  1. I had my honeymoon in the UK also, it was great but looking back there is so much I still want to do. Personally I would send a message to Scott Rea from Thescottreaproject on Facebook or YouTube. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Check out the ginger pig in London, and the Smithfield butchers / meat market in Farringdon, also London 🙂

    1. Ginger Pig is totally on my list, I’ve been dreaming about their sausage rolls since we started planning the trip! I’d love to make the trip to Smithfield too.

      1. Definitely get go Smithfield early in the morning of you can 🙂 also ginger pig is my fave butchers by far. They serve meat to some of my fave restaurants in London – in fact if you want a good steak while you are over here, I’d highly recommend visiting hawksmoor 🙂

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