A beautifully grilled spatchcocked chicken

Spatchcocking a chicken for maximum grilling (and joke) potential

Whole chickens don’t get much love during the summer months.  Sure, people are buying the sexy cuts – boneless breast, skin on thighs; but once you get sick of the marinated kabobs and healthy chicken breast sandwiches where are you going to turn to get your chicken fix?  The answer is to rock out with your spatchcock out.  By removing the backbone and spreading that sucker open, you can take a whole chicken from the realm of oven roasting into the world of grilling.  And trust me, you’ll never go back.

Allow me to outline the process for dead-simple grilled whole chicken
First, get some birds.  Yeah it sounds simple but the choice you make here echoes for eternity, or at least for the rest of dinner.  Get birds that have been raised outside and allowed to roam and forage.  Starting with a tasty bird leads to amazing results 

Next, use some kitchen shears to remove the backbone.  You do have kitchen shears, right?

Cut along both sides to separate the backbone from the chicken proper.  The end result should look a bit like the following:

Leaving you with something that looks a bit like this:

Next, gently crack it open like you’re breaking in the spine on a fresh new hardcover book

Rub your bird with your spice rub of choice, I’m partial to this simple spicy rub from Bon Appetit

Now it’s time to grill baby grill.  I don’t have shots of this step because at the time the chicken was cooking beers were being consumed, in their multitudes.  Suffice to say, start skin side up over mildly low-ish heat (you know what I’m talking about).  Then once the bird has hit about 150 or so internal, sear the skin side over a blazing hot section of the grill.  The sounds this thing will make will enter into your pleasant dreams for weeks to come.

Pull off when the skin is sufficiently crispy, garnish with some grilled lemons (and your playing yourself if your not grilling your lemon), then write a blog post about it and eat.  Total time plus prep 1 hour (4 beers)

Seriously, grill your lemons.  Trust me.

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