Thai Chili Sausage


Going through pictures for the big sausage-fest on Monday I came across a few shots I had taken of my Thai Chili sausage and I remembered just how much I loved it, so I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t spread the love with that recipe too.  We sold this at a catering thing we did last summer with Smorgasburg in Jones Beach so I always think of the beach when I think of this sausage, it has a summery spicy-but-cooling vibe about it.  It got served with a sweet chili sauce and people loved it – but you can always hit it with a big bunch of cilantro if you can’t take the heat.

Thai Chili Sausage

10 pounds pork shoulder, membranes and gross bits removed, cut into small cubes.
60g Salt
24g Fresh Mint
20g Basil
24g Lemongrass (fine mince)
16g Shallot, chopped
16g Fresh Garlic
32g Fresh Thai Chili (seeds in if you like it hot, deseeded if you don’t)
20g Fish Sauce
170g Mango Puree
Teaspoon of grated ginger
Juice and zest from one Makrut lime (Kaffir isn’t really a cool name anymore)

Follow the instructions from my sausage making post, grill up, and think of summer.

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